Thomas Harris is a sound artist, videographer, editor and animator from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He started his artistic journey by making instrumental music and writing poetry at the age of eleven for his own entertainment as well as to elevate his ability to express himself.  Following a series of life changing crises and experiences, with a new outlook on the world,  he began to sharpen his technical skills in multiple programs such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Reaper before being introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud his freshman year at VCU Arts in 2015.  In 2017,  he began the production of his first album Red Water; Exhaustion, a politically commenting and insightful project breaking down the process by which he learned how little he understood about the world and himself and his journey to figure out his place in the world as a black man while navigating an ever evolving racial climate. As a recent graduate of the VCU Arts Kinetic Imaging program in Fall 2018, he is now working out of Chesapeake, VA producing his second album and its animated accompaniment while pursuing endeavors to help himself grow as an artist and person.
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