2D Animation

September 2018
One can find themself existing within themselves and hindering forward progression in their lives.  Their body exists on earth while their minds are somewhere they feel nobody can comprehend. 
Character Animator/After Effects/Audition
"Strange Love"
January 2017
One can often find themselves having a conversation with themselves about forgiveness and their unhealthy perspectives on labors of love  
Photoshop(Rotoscoping)/Premiere Pro/Reaper

3D Animation

"Red X All Falls Down"
March 2018 - April 2018
As a black man in the America, my racial identity makes it increasingly difficult to gauge the genuineness of person's care for me.  People bond over shared experiences, and when the word family is spoken we think of our blood, our natural bond.  We are born with a set of relatives, but I had to learn that I choose who I call my family, all while holding my breath waiting for a change in the world.    
Maya 3D/After Effects/Ableton/FL Studio/Audition
360 Animation

November 2018
I had a dream that I was trapped in an abandoned Carnival alone, in a dream in which I had no control.  When I realized I was dreaming the simulation began to reveal itself.
Maya 3D/Premiere/After Effects/Ableton

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