"Red Water; Exhaustion"
November 2017- March 2018
Being a Black man in America having grown up the way in which I did, for a long time I didn't understand what it means to be black and how large of a role it plays in my environment, until I left my environment.  The people around me passively dealt and continue to deal with the bad hand that was systematically dealt to us without batting an eye; I could not.  This work speaks of anger, confusion, self harm, self care, and self love.
FL Studio/Ableton/Reaper/Maya 3D(Cover Art)     

July 2018
The more I've learned about the world I live in and , the harder it's become for me to enjoy some of the greatest moments and achievements of my lifetime.  Sometimes I have to force myself to enjoy myself.  
Ableton/Audition/Pro Tools/After Effects(Cover Art)

Sometimes I need to feel needed, others I want to be left alone.  Sometimes I want these things simultaneously, and when I want both I can't fully enjoy either feeling by itself.    
September 2018
Ableton/Audition/Photoshop(Cover Art)

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